Monday, 16 September 2013

English poetry

What’s the use of a heart 
When your heart gets broken 
What’s the use of breath 
If you make me breathless 
What’s the use of a soul 
If your soul gets stolen 
What’s the use of speech 
If you never speak to me 
What’s the point of feelings 
If someone dislike you for them 
What’s the point of you and me 
If you know it will never work on 
but i thought it would 
So here I lay crying on the floor 

1 comment:

  1. I'm failing, I'm dying.
    In the dark I'm crying.
    I'm slicing, I'm bleeding.
    I'm begging and I'm pleading,
    "Get me out!"
    "LET ME OUT!"
    These lines of blood
    Are screams and shouts.
    Press harder, press harder.
    This is not a drill.
    I'm not aiming for pain,
    I'm attempting to kill!
    With the sign on my chest
    Reading "D.N.R.",
    That's a good indication
    You pushed me too far.